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Hey guys, I'm Sourav Mishra there, the guy behind this blog. I'm from India. I used to search a lot about science, latest technologies, gadgets, ongoing researches, discoveries related to space and a lot more to gain more and more. But, what was the main problem with me is I never found a blog/website which can tell me about all that I wanted.

                                                    I never thought that I'd start blogging. but, one day I was just thinking about my future and the problems I was facing. I thought I should not let anybody face the problem that I've. I started learning about websites, blogging. and I found it as a career option. so I just created a blog to let you all stay updated with the latest technologies, science discoveries, gadget releases, energy issues, computing researches, software, transportation technologies, space researches and there's a most interesting tab on my blog is the Sci-fi. there I'll discuss each & every topic I've mentioned, with the most precision, accuracy and updated. I just want love and support of all my readers to emerging out this blog as the most admired blog in the world.
                                                               thanks a lot!
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