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Best Android apps that you must have installed :

                             We all know that Android is dominating the market when it comes to the operating system. It is because of it's simplest user interface and ultimate features. But to take up the maximum advantage of this you must know the useful apps that you must have installed in your android device. So We've prepared a list of some must-have android apps for your smartphone.

best android apps- best android apps of 2018

1.Alarmy (Sleep if U can):

                                                                Are you one of those guys who loves sleeping more and more and skipping your morning alarms again and again. This is a must-have app made for you. It's not so easy to skip/snooze your alarms like it used to. To do that you have to complete some challenges and Puzzles. You also can set the difficulty level of your challenges. And it's most important feature is its music. Its music is fantastically annoying. Anyone would like to shut it down instead of sleeping with that.
       Even more, it features a photo mode. In which you have to register a picture of a place anywhere you like (your gym, park, stadium, etc.). But in the morning when the alarm rings you have to go to that place and click the same picture again to turn it off. This app is also known as the most annoying app.

Download:- Alarmy  

2.Nova Launcher:

                                                 Nova launcher is probably the best android launcher ever developed. It is dominating the launcher list on google play for a long time. The most attractive feature of this app is it's lightweight with a bunch of customizations, icon packs, and themes. It's free but also has some new features in its premium version.

Download:- Nova Launcher

3.Google Assistant:

                                                 This is a new kind of technology that is grooming at a large scale nowadays(Artificial intelligence). Having an assistant is not always necessary but what if you are getting it for free. Yeah, everyone loves free stuff. There Google has availed you an assistant for free(Google Assistant). It is an Artificial-Intelligence based software that allows you to play games, ask any question, communicate, navigate and even make your daily life plans and much more. It is available for almost every type of android and ios devices.

Download:- Google Assistant


                              Whenever I talk about keyboard apps. The only name pops up in my mind is Swiftkey. This software is probably the best in class. A very simple and customizable user interface makes it more attractive. It avails you more than a hundred themes. As well you can apply your own image as a keyboard background. It provides you a bunch of fonts along with hundreds of emojis.
Swiftkey also offers to autocorrect and gesture type to speed up your work. It uses artificial intelligence to predict the next word you are to type and shows the most efficient suggestion. All I can say is that this app understands you, so what are you waiting for just install it.

Download:- Swiftkey

5.Google Chrome:

                                             Google Play Store is full of apps, and a large area is occupied by web browsers but the one that leads is Google Chrome, trusted by more than 11 million users it is the most secure web browser. It tracks all of your data to know your interests and also avails the sign-in facility for Gmail account. You can stream multiple tabs and increase your output. Shifting between tabs is very smooth and simple. It also features incognito mode for your private searches.

Download:- Google Chrome

6.Google Drive:

                                       We all know that Google is one of the brand names that we rely the most upon. And when it comes to data security it's the best. And that's the only reason for Google Drive being in this list. You just have to create a Gmail account (for free) and you'll get 15GB of free cloud storage. Not only this the free Gmail account provides you some more features like Google Docs, Sheets and slides. In which you can prepare or edit spreadsheets, presentations, etc and save it over google drive. You just have to log in using that Gmail account from any device and you'll get access to all of your data. This app is necessary for keeping a backup copy of our necessary documents/files safely.

Download:- Google Drive


                              Ever wanted to make some important notes in some spare time but you don't have enough resources. Don't worry Google has solved your problem. Evernote is an android app that helps you in making notes anytime, anywhere just on your mobile. It is a cross-platform software so you can sync all your notes to all of your devices. It offers a lot of ways to ease our work, you can make notes by typing, taking photos, recording audio and most importantly freehand writing on your touchscreen with your fingers. It keeps all of your notes/documents synced with all of your devices using the Gmail account. 

Download:- Evernote


                              This is another Google manufactured app that is widely used for the best and simplest photo editing experience. Nowadays everyone likes to capture every beautiful moment of their life and the mobile phone makes this task easy. But everyone wants that the picture captured should be more awesome and for those Google developed this app. It is one of the best photo editing apps available. It comes with a ton of filters and image optimizing tools and all that stuff for free. You also can sync your pics with Google photos and Dropbox.

Download:- Snapseed

9.Google Maps:

                                      The most appreciated and praised work ever done by Google is the development of Google Maps. This app allows you to have a look anywhere in this world using satellites. It also helps you to reach your destination without any problem. And of course no one wants to get stuck in traffic so just have a look at the traffic status before leaving and change your path. It features a satellite view which looks really fantastic. It also shows you the transportation methods available between your starting and destination point. And surprisingly all that stuff for free. You just have to create a Gmail account.

Download:- Google Maps

10.Clear Scanner:

                                           This is one of the most useful apps in this list. Not always, but sometimes you may require to scan some documents and keep them as softcopy. Actually, you don't need a scanner for that. You can do the same with the help of this app using your mobile camera. Sounds good, yes it does. You also can convert the scanned documents into pdf or jpeg format. It also allows you to edit the scanned image and share it via mail, Bluetooth, etc and also allows cloud printing. For cloud storage, it features Google Drive, One Drive, and Dropbox. It's the lightest among all scanning apps.

Download:- Clear Scanner

11.LastPass Password Manager:

                                                       Nowadays almost every website and app feature "Creating your account" on that particular. It's good for the web site's security and your personal experience on that particular site or app. But where is the problem? It is hidden inside the passwords of all those accounts. Yeah, you can use google account to log-in to all such websites or apps. But you have to do it again and again. So, developers have solved out your problem. LastPass is an app where you can manage all of your passwords. It remembers all of your passwords for free.

Download:- LastPass

12.ES File Explorer:

                                                    ES File Explorer is the best and most advanced file managing app for your smartphone. It also features a space analyzer that tracks the storage usage and also helps you to clean junk from your mobile. It also offers to share your data with other users over a Wi-fi network. It also avails you an app manager that helps you to backup/uninstall any application. 
                And now talking about it's a most attractive feature, it's "root explorer" that lets you unlock a lot of functionalities of your Rooted android device.

But If, your device isn't rooted and you hate Ads. I'll recommend you to go for Solid Explorer (it's the best alternative). 

But if you can bear with Ads and want all powers in your hands just download ES File Explorer.

Download:- ES File Explorer

13.Avast antivirus and security:

                                                                               Avast antivirus and security is one of the most powerful tools to keep your Android device secure and malware free. At a basic level, it does everything you need for free. And if you want extensive cover it offers you some best in class in app purchases.

Download:- Avast Antivirus and Security

14.Share it:

                           This is a must have an app for all of your devices, thanks to it being cross-platform. We always need to transfer data such as movies music, files, images, etc. And this app does exactly at a very enormous speed. You just have to select the items to be shared, select the receiver and hit send, All done. It also features group sharing. And definitely, it's about 200 times faster than usual Bluetooth.

Download:- Share it

15.MX Player:

                                   MX Player wins the race among all other video player apps. It has a very simple and attractive user interface and a bundle of predefined themes. It offers a lot of features than any other. It allows you to control volume, fast forward and zooming in and out, all these just by gestures. It also allows you to edit subtitle timeframes. It also allows you to style and color the subtitle text as you want. This amazing app also lets you play audio files. You also can access the hidden video files (such as WhatsApp statuses) inside your mobile phone.

Download:- MX Player


                                    This is a messaging app that is well known for its very friendly user interface and instant message delivery. You can communicate with your friends or family members instantly by using this app through an internet connection. It also allows you to make phone calls as well as video calls absolutely free and worldwide just using an internet connection. And the most important feature of WhatsApp is its Ads free. Sounds good, yes it does. WhatsApp never shows you Ads. However, they are likely to show Ads in the story section in future versions. But at present, it's absolutely Ad free.

Download:- WhatsApp


                      This is a very special wallpaper app not only for wallpaper lovers but also for the artists and designers. If you want an app for getting wallpapers for free. It's the only one that I'd recommend. If you are an artist you also can upload your own creations. A few artists chosen by the Walli team are paid a small part of the earnings of the app.

Download:- Walli


                          This app is created by Apple, Inc., and features to identify music that's playing. It works awesomely and you can identify any music with just one tap. You also can add songs to Spotify playlists.

Download:- Shazam


                           A must have an android app for music lovers. An application that provides you access to millions of music files for free. You can stream any music from any device, create your own playlist and you also can follow artists on this.

Download:- Spotify


                      This is among the most popular and appreciated fitness app. It is your fitness tracker. Using just your smartphone, you can track your daily activities and calculate calorie consumption and usage to achieve your fitness goals. It also features a social platform so you can compete with your friends, and this one sounds really inspiring.

Download:- Fitbit

Note:-  1.we have made this list considering app features, user ratings, and popularity. If any of these doesn't meet your needs you can choose any other alternative.
         2. Some apps may have in-app purchases, so don't claim for not being free all the listed apps are free to download some add-ons may be paid( Developers also have right to earn ). So never make complaints about Ads or in-app purchases. 
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